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STYL Series: Tully Humphrey

Welcome to the STYL Series, a social series where we connect with like-minded women who think and dream big, in the hopes to inspire our community to do the same. 

We created the STYL Series to help women (including us) push past their comfort zone and try that thing that scares, but excites them the most. It’s about getting uncomfortable because that is where the magic happens.

Today we share a conversation with a woman who has done just that. Tully Humphrey is an entrepreneur, podcast host and yoga teacher who's inspired us through her grit and determination to achieve success. We talk about overcoming challenges, mindfulness, and making dreams a reality.  



SW: Hi Tully! Thank you so much for chatting with us! We'd love you to introduce yourself and a little bit about what you do. 

TH: Hi! I'm Tully Humphrey, I am the founder and designer of activewear brand TULLY LOU, Podcast host, SET soap co-founder and motivational speaker. 


SW: Let's jump right in, we know that getting out of your comfort is often the key to growth. We need to feel the fear and do it anyway. What have you done to get our of your comfort zone in order to grow?

TH: Starting a business at age 23, I quit school in year 10 and fell into a really good full time job in the rag trade, I soon quit my full time job and moved to Bali to start TULLY LOU with no business experience or any contacts.
For me I like to put myself in uncomfortable situations or do something that generally scares the crap out of me… like taking a risk. 


SW: What has been the biggest challenge in your career journey? How do you overcome these hard moments?

TH: Legal battles with China and trademarking were super challenging and expensive. Not believing in myself thinking I was too dumb.
I now have a business partner, who is my best friend. It's really nice to know that we both have each other's backs. We have a saying that everything will always work out… this helps a lot. 


SW: We believe the distance between dreams and reality is action. What actions did you take to make your dreams a reality?

TW: Quitting my full time job, moving to Bali and following my gut. 


SW: What are 3 things you do to achieve new goals?

TH: Be passionate. Write goals in writing/manifest. Take Action.


SW: Living as your best self takes work every day. Do you have a morning or evening routine? What is it and why does it help?

TH: Yes, the morning routine for me is so important. I set an early alarm, affirmations then workout and try to read 10 pages of a book with my coffee before I check emails! I also always finish my day with a gratitude diary and meditation. 


SW: We love that. Throughout the day, what are small daily habits you use to help reach your goals?

TH: Gratitude and always just checking in with myself and my breath.


SW: That perfectly leads to our next question, how have you built a strong optimistic mindset and what mindfulness practices do you have?

TH: I have always been pretty strong in this area, I had anorexia when I was a teenager and part of my recovery was meditation and mindfulness at age 15 so I feel like its a part of me now.
Meditation, working out, journaling and visualisation.


SW: Thank you for sharing that with us. 


SW: Ok let's wrap this up with a quick fire round.
Favourite workout style?

TH: Hot pilates or interval running.

SW: Digital or written to do list?

TH: Written but I am also OCD and have a digital list.

SW: Working with background music or quiet?

TH: Music!!!

SW: Meditation or journaling?

TH: Both.

SW: Routine or go with the flow?

TH: Routine. 


Photographed above: Tully wears our Daily Set shirt in black.

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