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Thank you so much for supporting our female founded brand. We have set out to create modern classics for the modern woman, that bring her joy with every wear. We are a brand built by women who focus on creating sustainable luxury through a thoughtful collection of high-quality essentials.

STYL Wardrobe isn’t defined by fashion seasons or collections, rather, we release meaningful pieces naturally throughout the year to help build the foundation of your wardrobe. It’s sharing a considered, curated edit of clothing that take you from season to season and keep for years to come.

women inspiring women


We want to empower women to push past their comfort zone and try that thing that scares but excites them the most. The community we are building will inspire women to get uncomfortable, because that is where the magic happens.

From the beginning we wanted to create a space that is empowering and makes fashion feel approachable. We want to help women visualise their highest self, to then show up as her.

luxury to be lived in


For STYL Wardrobe, this means beautiful quality at honest pricing – it’s luxury to be lived in.

We know our customer wants to invest in her wardrobe, but she's also investing in her lifestyle, family, and career. She wants to know she is getting the best value for her hard-earned money, without compromising quality or style.

We design clothing that is classic, clean cut, and considered, clothing that will work hard for you.

seaonless slow fashion


We believe in slow fashion, which focuses on less consumption. We produce seasonless styles that are continually sold and we encourage you buy less, but buy better. Buying consciously helps to minimise waste through investing in high quality pieces that last us for many years – not just the season ahead. We produce in small quantities following customer demand, rather than mass ordering.

At STYL Wardrobe you’ll never see us run an 'end-of-season sale'.

We design seasonless pieces that never go out of style, often our pieces are permanently available like our Essential blazer. This means you can shop with us in confidence knowing past, present, and future customers all receive the same price. The only time we will ever run a sale is once a year for Black Friday, which we have as a thank you to our community for their ongoing support.

We believe in honest pricing, so customers know they are getting beautiful quality pieces for a fair cost. We don’t purposely leave room in our margin for future discounting, we present the best price without sacrificing the longevity and quality of our pieces.

We want our community to make thoughtful purchases, not just with us, but in everyday life. Buying clothing should be an investment in something you can wear again, and again. Something that will bring you joy, that will make you feel your best when you wear it. We want to help reduce the impulse buys, and encourage purchases with intention.