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STYL Series: Twice Blessed

Welcome to the STYL Series, a social series where we connect with like-minded women who think and dream big, in the hopes to inspire our community to do the same.

We created the STYL Series to help women (including us) push past their comfort zone and try that thing that scares, but excites them the most. It’s about getting uncomfortable because that is where the magic happens.

Today we share a conversation with two women who have done just that. Bec & Marissa are successful business women in the realms of Fashion, Creative Content and Creative Direction. Their brand Twice Blessed has become one of the most distinguished Fashion and Lifestyle platforms in Australia. 



SW: Bec & Marissa, thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us. Can you tell our community a bit about who you are?

TB: We're Bec and Marissa from personal style & lifestyle blog, Twice Blessed. We've been running our business for 8 years this year and have a passion for women to feel confident in their own personal style.


SW: You have built an amazing community and business! What have your done to get our of your comfort zone in order to grow?

TB: We're lucky being twins that we balance each others personality out quite well. Bec is definitely the 'driver' in our relationship and business, so she generally is the one to push us out of our comfort zone more than I am. However, our whole business really is out of our comfort zone! Both Bec and I aren't the type to like our photograph being taken, or being in the limelight; so, from day 1 we really had to push ourselves to be the focus of our platform.

We know that in order for us to build a strong, wonderful community of women we need to be okay with being the focus!


SW: In those moments, what do you do to help push past fear?

TB: We remind ourselves that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously! Also, our faith has played a huge role in releasing ourselves from fear or judgement or failure. 


SW: Throughout your career, and life, how have you built a strong and optimistic mindset?

TB: Firstly, it would have to be our strong Faith in Jesus! It keeps us grounded and focussed on what the important things in life are. Almost like having blinkers on to block out negativity and focus on truth, joy and the peace that we find in God.

We also never shy away from 'bad times' or challenges in life, as we are confident that all things are used to build character and to grow us. Every circumstance, good or bad, can be used as an opportunity to strengthen and grow our character, perseverance and lover for others. 


SW: That is a great outlook to have. With that being said, what mindfulness practices do you have to maintain that strong mindset?

TB: Both of us can get anxious from time-to-time, so through the years and maturing quite a bit, we have implemented our own mindfulness practices to help. Writing To-Do lists allows us to dump everything in our brain out on paper, which keeps us more pragmatic rather than emotional; as well as practicing deep breathing when we're a little overwhelmed.

We also focus on moving our bodies when we can (through weight training and Pilates), as well as maintaining good spiritual health through prayer, reading the Bible and speaking to other likeminded individuals. 


Thank you so much for sharing all of that with us! Ok to wrap this up, let's jump into some quick fire!

SW: Favourite workout style?

TB: Weights or pilates!

SW: Digital or written to do list?

TB: Written - always hand written!

SW: Working with background music or quiet?

TB: Quiet! We get too distracted and start singing along haha!

SW: Meditating or Journaling?

TB: Neither! For us, prayer is our go-to!

SW: Routine or go with the flow?

TB: 10000000% routine; but a bit of both when needed.