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The STYL Series

From day one, STYL Wardrobe was never defined by fashion seasons or collections, we were more interested in building a community of women inspiring women. We wanted to create a space that was empowering, and something that went beyond fashion.

Today we launch a social series to do just that. The STYL Series is a collection of conversations shared with like-minded women who think and dream big, in the hopes to inspire our community to do the same.

We want to help women push past their comfort zone and try that thing that scares, but excites them the most – whether that is a career change, launching a business, or taking on a new project. It’s about getting uncomfortable because that is where the magic happens.

Through these conversations we will piece together different perspectives and share unique stories. From female founders and digital entrepreneurs, to women in corporate and mums balancing family and career.

We hope there will be something for all women to relate to and be inspired by.

Read our first conversation with entrepreneur and podcast host Tully Humphrey here.


Women inspiring women