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Talking wardrobe essentials and black blazers

At STYL Wardrobe you’ll hear us talk a lot about wardrobe essentials. Pieces of clothing that will build the foundation of your wardrobe so you’re never left wandering what to wear again.

These essentials will be classic pieces that no matter what the season or current trends, you can style that item again and again, like a quality blazer, great pair of jeans or classic white blouse. 


We always stand by quality over quantity and this means your essentials should and will cost more than you might normally spend on clothing. The reason we think this is a better way to shop is because you’re investing in something that will stand the test of time. It won’t just be a new season must-have, but a timeless style. When selecting these investment pieces for your wardrobe, there a few things you can consider before making the purchase to make sure it’s right for you.

Firstly, think about what you already have in your wardrobe, how many items will the piece you’re looking at work back with? A good essential will be the perfect accompaniment to most existing pieces, something that matches back with almost anything.

Next, think about how many different occasions you can wear this item to? When selecting key wardrobe pieces, you should be able to take it from day to night, and everything in between.

Finally, sleep on it. Give yourself a night or two to make sure it’s the perfect piece for you. After all, clothing should make you feel amazing every time you wear it. We take cues from Marie Kondo and always ensure it sparks joy.


We believe there is no better wardrobe essential than a black blazer. A black blazer for women is a key piece to start building that foundation.  It’s something you can always go back to and literally throw over any outfit. We always look to our Essential Blazer, cut in a beautiful wool blend suiting fabric. It’s a classic women’s blazer with a masculine edge that’s sure to leave you feeling ready to take on your day.

Below are some STYL Wardrobe women styling our Essential blazer, to show you how versatile this piece really is.


Sky styles the Essential blazer with a relaxed black pant and strappy heel.

Black Blazer | Women's Black Blazer | STYL Wardrobe

Dom makes it casual with blue denim.

Black Blazer Women's Black STYL Wardrobe  

Pip throws her's over activewear for an elevated casual look.

 Black Blazer Women's Black STYL Wardrobe

Twice blessed show us a dressed up look over a flowy maxi skirt.

Black Blazer Women's Black STYL Wardrobe

Twice blessed styles it back over a mini dress and a black clutch. 

Black Blazer Women's Black STYL Wardrobe

Dom takes us into the Spring season with the Essential blazer over denim cut offs.

Black Blazer Women's Black STYL Wardrobe

Ashleigh cinches at the waist with the Essential blazer's matching belt for a polished look. 

Black Blazer Women's Black STYL Wardrobe

Danii switches up her look with a statement belt. 

Black Blazer Women's Black STYL Wardrobe