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What is slow fashion?

The fashion glossary is endless and it is easy to get overwhelmed with all the different terms, but one we think is important to talk about is slow fashion.

Simply put, slow fashion was a reaction from the fast fashion phenomenon. With clothing so cheap, consumers see it as disposable without considering the repercussions. Fast fashion tries to sell us on “more is more” but with prices as little as $5, it’s hard to ignore the implications that has on our world.   

Slow fashion means buying less but buying better and choosing clothing that is made to last so you can wear it through any season for many years to come. It encompasses purchasing with awareness and intention.


Awareness is considering the processes and resources required to make clothing. Through your purchases, you can advocate for better-quality garments that will not only last longer but values the treatment of the people who make your garment. Being aware means you can make better choices not only for your wardrobe but for the wider community. 


Intention refers to asking yourself why are you purchasing this item of clothing?
Is it a case of mindless retail therapy, Friday night boredom turned impulse online shopping? We are definitely guilty of this. Is it a case of “I have nothing to wear”, despite having 4 perfectly good outfits in your wardrobe for that event? Also, guilty. Or are you making an investment in an item that you know you can wear multiple times? Have you taken the time to think about the purchase, rather than acting on impulse?

Purchasing with intention means thinking about how that piece of clothing fits into your wardrobe, and how you can style it back with many different items to wear in many ways. The more you put this into practice, the more you will build a wardrobe of strong essentials. Pieces that can transition to any occasion, and most importantly that you love to wear and feel good in. It is all about quality over quantity. 


At STYL Wardrobe, we are a slow fashion brand. We take our time to perfect a thoughtful, curated collection of modern classics. We focus on quality finishes, versus mass supply of seasonal, trendy clothing. We produce seasonless styles that are continually sold and we encourage you buy less, but buy better. Buying consciously helps to minimise waste through investing in high quality pieces that last us for many years – not just the season ahead. We produce in small quantities following customer demand, rather than mass ordering. We also have a no-discounting policy that emphasizes these values, which you can learn more about here.


To learn more about what is important to us, you can read our brand values, and our sustainability practices.